Sometimes we long to see the pureness of life and to be surrounded by nature. Sittong, also known as the “orange village”, is one such place. It is a group of small villages in the Kurseong Division on the lap of the Himalayas. Sittong Tour is feels like heaven for nature lovers.

The area is blessed with lush greenery and orchids, as well as waterfalls, and a wide variety of birds and fruits. You can take in the magnificent view of Kanchenjunga while listening to the bird’s chirp and breathing fresh air. 

Homestay is the best option to stay in Sittong. Homestay in Sittong offers all the amenities; you can also enjoy organic food and warm hospitality. This is a popular weekend getaway for budget-minded travellers in the hills of North Bengal.

Sittong Tour:

Outdoor Activities near Sittong

Orange is the colour. The true beauty of Sittong can be captured in the winter months, when orange cultivation takes place. To see the smiling faces and hard work of the local workers involved in orange production, you can visit.

Trekking – This is a great option if you love adventure and want to trek to the unspoiled natural areas of the hills and forests.

Birds and butterflies–Sittong has a low tourist footfall, so it is a great place for wild animals to flourish. Here, you can see many birds and butterflies.

Campfire – Relax and unwind at this homestay by the campfire with your loved ones.

Attractions Near Sittong

Namthing Lake–This natural lake is surrounded by green trees. Here you may find a rare species salamander.

Ahal Dara view – This place is also known as the Sunrise Point. Tourists from all around the globe can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the hills surrounding Gangtok and Kalimpong. It is a magical place to feel like heaven with the beautiful River Teesta and the surrounding greenery at the Ahal Dara viewpoint.

Latpanchar – It is a place that is part of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. This is the perfect spot for wildlife lovers. It is at a height of 5000 feet, and it hosts many species of birds and animals.

Steel Bridge Jogighat- It is a scenic spot where the bridge connects Sitong and Mungpoo. This village was where Rabindranath Tagore once lived.

Kurseong–It’s also called the “Land of White Orchids”. Kurseong is a hill station near Darjeeling, known for its waterfalls and temples and the spectacular views it offers.

Take a holiday to the orange orchard and enjoy the Kanchenjunga view, Himalayan Hornbills’ loud calling, and the Kanchenjunga view. Our homestay (Orange Soul Homestay), is unique because it allows guests to enjoy a variety of activities and beauty around the area. The majestic view of Kanchenjunga, the beautiful sunrise, the long-range of River Teesta’s, large green valleys, hilly Torrents and a variety of birds, orchids, and Monastries make it a wonderful holiday destination.

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