If you are tired of the same old Darjeeling locations, like Rishop, Lava, and Lolegaon, when it comes to choices for your North Bengal trip, then stop here! We have something exciting coming up. The newest jewel in the crown is Sittong. You will also hear the name Orange Village been associated with it.

Well! Sittong is a small Lepcha village surrounded by verdant pine forests. It is located at an altitude of 4,000 feet. Now, you have another place to put up for a few days in pursuit of the best views of Kanchenjunga

More About Sittong 

Located in the Kurseong division of Darjeeling, it is a cluster of villages called Sittong Khasmahal. The place is still far away from mass tourism. You will come across waterfalls, lakes, and greenery all around you. There are fruits of all shapes and sizes as well. Oranges are quite common in Sittong. So, you may be surprised to hear of the same. 

Places To See 

You will find various attractions to see in Sittong. Tourists often plan day trips to Dilaram, Kurseong, and the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. It is an excellent place for all those who love adventure. You can reach the place via various routes, like Mungpoo and Ghalayter. There are several villages nearby, where you can go for day trips. Additionally, you will find several treks to watch birds and small animals. Forest and nature trek is quite common in Sittong. You can also sit in your accommodation, perched on the veranda, early in the morning to catch the best views of the Kanchenjunga. 

There are many other paths that you can explore in Orange Village. You can head to see the famous Bamboo Church and an old monastery. It is made from bamboo and mud. Orange Soul Homestay is the best homestay in the region, as it will offer you quite a few comforts. The rooms and the food are commendable. And so is the behaviour of the hosts. You can also choose to take a stroll along the Riyang River. 

Ahaldhara viewpoint is also located nearby. You can enjoy panoramic views of the Teesta River and Mount Kanchenjunga from the place. It will simply be an exhilarating experience for you. Mungpoo is around 8 km away from Sittong, and is famous for the beautiful house that belongs to Rabindranath Tagore. Apart from such beautiful attractions, you can also head to Upper Sittong, to see the Buddhist Monastery. 

Durpin Dara is one of the nearest spots where you can reach early in the morning. There is SalamanderLake as well, where you can see the tea gardens. Spend some time clicking photographs over there. If you want, on the second day of your stay, you can also visit Labda Village. It is simply beautiful. Watch the locals go about their work and see them rearing their livestock. You can also enjoy camping and bonfire in the evenings at your homestay. 

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There are very few homestays in Sittong. Amongst them, Orange Soul Homestay is the best one. At the homestay, you can enjoy various activities in the evenings. You will have a great time while sipping on hot beverages with snacks that the hosts themselves make. 

The homestay maintains all types of hygiene and sanitation in the wake of the Covid situation. You cannot ask for more. 

How To Reach 

You can reach Sittong from various routes. The first route that you can take is Siliguri-Sevoke-Latpanchar. The entire distance is 55 km. You can also choose Siliguri- Rambhi-Mongpoo Route. The distance is 78 km in this case. The third route is from Kurseong via Dilaram, Bagora, and Ghareytar. The distance is around 75 km. The return journey is extremely picturesque, as you will be crossing numerous tea gardens and sanctuaries. 

Best Time To Visit 

The best time to visit Sittong is throughout the year. However, if you want to see the trees laden with oranges, November to December is the best time. The place has a temperate climate. So, you can check out the place any time. In winters, there is a huge rush. You can easily spend 2 nights in the quaint village.

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